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Dream of Butterfly

Dream of Butterfly
Lyrics: Masao Komori
Composition: Shoji Meguro
Vocals: Yumi Kawamura

Dream of a butterfly, or is life a dream?
Don’t wanna wake up, coz I’m happier here
I was glad just to have you by my side
It was the only reality I needed
But it was all just a dream
Swaying and dissolving like bubbles in the dark ocean
When I woke up, no one was really there
There is nothing certain
Reaching for the shimmering shape in vain
That, I know is true in this place
What should I believe in to live on in this ever changing world?
I’m drowning (I can’t believe in you)
in sadness (but I cannot forget you)
calling out as I saw you (I will dig up my faith)
that night (and march on)
I believed (I cannot see ahead)
that it’s because (but I can’t keep standing still)
you are by my side (So I will close my eyes)
that I could grow strong (and march on)
I was afraid (Can’t lay the blame on you)
of sadness (but I cannot forgive you)
crying as I called out to you (So drenched up in rain)
that day (I’ll march on)
I realised (I cannot face the sun)
my weaknesses (but I cannot dream at night)
are because of you (So under the moonlight)
They all are (I’ll march on)

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