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Afro Samurai 1 and 2 Uncensored

Afro Samurai 1 and 2 Uncensored: "
Late one night, Afro is suddenly attacked by Jinno. However, he is unable to protect himself, and Jinno drags him nearby to his father's grave, where a woman named Sio awaits. She proceeds to take the Number One headband that he possesses, as well as the remains of his dead father's skull.
Before leaving, she tells him to seek and obtain the Number Two headband, if he wants the right to take back his father's remains. With that, Afro must once again embark on a path of violence in order to let his father rest in peace once again.

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Status: Uncensored | Movie | Series
Afro Samurai 1 - Revenge
Afro Samurai 2 - The Dream Reader
Afro Samurai 3 - The Empty Seven Clan
Afro Samurai 4 - Duel
Afro Samurai 5 - Justice

Afro Samurai: Resurrection Movie

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