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Picture of the day – 04/07/2011

Picture of the day – 04/07/2011: "

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People had trouble finding last week’s second GtA. The sound was quite unique though.
 What you heard was a ringtone (I always leave a clue in the sample).
 The right anime was none other than Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East).
 Gratz to -Wazabii-, DisturbedTK, Ingu and Raitsui for finding the right answer.
 I put something easier for this first half of the week (at least I hope you’ll find it easier).
 Beat of the Week changed to the full version of Bahasa Palus. Had something else in mind but I’ll keep it for next week.

Side note, but this picture is obviously a fake. Misaka would never do that to Kuroko..I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the Summer Anime season. If not, no worries, as 15 new series are starting this week. I’m sure you’ll find something which will suit your tastes.

 .. oh wait, you didn’t recognize them? :/

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