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Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World ver1.00 released

Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World ver1.00 released:
Took a long time to update this… really busy lately…
Now, writing detail of Another World for developing purpose…

I DO NOT own any character or song in any way, every music, character design goes to their respective authors and games.
If you are reading this, means you have downloaded my Game. Don’t even claim the work is yours.
General Description

Hack of : Pokemon Ruby (U) v1.0
Hack Name : Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World
Current Ver : 1.00

Best Emulator: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2
 Make sure you set this option before opening rom in Visual Boy Advance:
 - Real Time Clock must be on (Option -> Emulator -> Real Time Clock)
 - Save Type Flash 128kb (Option -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128kb)
 64kb flash is fine, but will get notification that data is corrupted

If you want to use link feature. VisualBoyAdvance Link 1.7.3 is the best.


Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World is designed for helping other games to find Bonéka that is hard to find in appropriate game.

- The game has no Story. Focus on “Catch and Collect.”

- You can catch any Bonéka in this game with some exception. There are 4 areas currently in this game:

Area C: Chibi Boneka area

Area N: Normal Boneka area, and some with non-prefix Boneka such as Mimi-chan, Ruukuto, Kedama, etc.

Area E: Ex Boneka area

Area S: Special form Boneka area

In the beginning of the game, only Area C that is unlocked. The other areas will be unlocked as you catch more Boneka.

- Link compatibility with either Touhoumon World Link or Touhoumon Another World. Limited to Trading. Recommended using Touhoumon World Link/Another World v1.30 or later version.

- Item prices are cut down, because you can only battle with Marisa, Reimu, or Sanae. Mary/Renko also can be battled.

- You will get A-VIVIT as starter. But, It can’t be traded to World Link or Another World game.

BGM OST – Magic World Side

01 – オリエンタルダークフライト
 by -=NeutraL=-
 album Twinkle Twinkle

02 – 赤より紅い夢 (Another)
 by a-TTTempo
 album 東方人形大戦8bitcollection 陽

03 – 恋色マスタースパーク
 by a-TTTempo
 album 東方人形大戦8bitcollection 陰

04 – 信仰は儚き人間の為に
 by a-TTTempo
 album 東方人形大戦8bitcollection 陰

05 – 君の夢 -instrumental version-
 by 発熱巫女~ず
 from 東方白昼夢

06 – 出撃!グランレイム!!
 by Melodic Taste
 album 千年幻想交響祭

07 – 信仰は儚き人間の為に
 album 東方弦奏響2

08 – Dim. Dream
 by -=NeutraL=-
 album RED×BLACK

09 – Shooting Star
 by いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra)

10 – ユメガタリ
 by 冷猫
 album 幻想語。<ユメガタリ>

11 – 信仰は儚き人間の為に
 MIDI arranged by 徒桜


- ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice: Touhou Project maker

- Nintendo/Game Freak: Pokemon Game Maker

- へもぐろびんA1C: Maker of Touhou Ningyougeki

- Aqua & Saniwa Shrine Crew: Exchange of information, initial beta tester, and the place when I am lazy…

- KeJi: Touhoumon logo

- Drakuaza: Trainer sprites

- AnjiruSensei

- Other spriters…. that I don’t know exactly who they are

- Tools maker: Helmeted Rodent, LU-HO, Wichu, Silver314, Interdept, Zodiac da Great, Xeon, HackMew, FinalZero, Team Snag’em, link12552, Forgotten, etc.

- Music Circle: a-TTTempo, Melodic Taste, -=Neutral=-, TAMUSIC, 冷猫, 発熱巫女~ず

Download Link

Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World ROM

Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World OST – Magic World Side

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