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Touhoumon World Link v1.40 / Another World v1.50 / MMW v1.20 released

Touhoumon World Link v1.40 / Another World v1.50 / MMW v1.20 released:
Actually I didn’t have any plan to update World Link and Another World game. But, because this update affect all games, I must update after all… I consider it as critical update…

Basically, fixed games metadata without story changes…


I DO NOT own any character or song in any way, every music, character design goes to their respective authors and games.

If you are reading this, means you have downloaded my Game. Don’t even claim the work is yours.
General Description

Hack Name : Touhoumon World Link

Hack of : Pokemon Emerald (U)

Current Ver : 1.40

Hack Name : Touhoumon Another World

Hack of : Pokemon Fire Red (U) v1.0

Current Ver : 1.50

Hack Name : Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World

Hack of : Pokemon Ruby (U) v1.0

Current Ver : 1.20

Best Emulator: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2

Make sure you set this option before opening rom in Visual Boy Advance:

- Real Time Clock must be on (Option -> Emulator -> Real Time Clock)

- Save Type Flash 128kb (Option -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128kb)

If you don’t set save type to 128kb, it will be ended with message “1M-circuit board not installed” and you can’t save game.

If you want to use link feature. VisualBoyAdvance Link 1.7.3 is the best.

If you already played earlier version, you can still use that save game data.

General Change Logs

- Fixed growth rate error, if you have ARan, STRan, Mimi-chan, or LSatori in your party… put them in PC and take again

- Changed Luize and Yuka name into Louise and Yuuka, use Name Rater service if you already have them

- Replaced DokterAneh to Shingyoku… Shingyoku forme changes depend on which version you’re playing… Orb Form (MMW, Defense), Priest Form (World Link, Speed), and Priestess Form (Another World, Attack)… Use Name Rater service to rename if you already obtained/caught DokterAneh.

- Edited TM and Move Tutor compatibility

- Changed A-VIVIT ability into Levitate

- Fixed iDollDex text grammar based on Nazeo’s edit

Download Link

Touhoumon World Link v1.40

Touhoumon Another World v1.50

Touhoumon MMW v1.20

Extra Stuff

Extra 1

This rom below is provided for anyone who has a problem playing in emulator other than VisualBoyAdvance (i.e. NDS, Android, PSP, etc.) or who want to take a source from rom (sprites, etc.):

Touhoumon World Link v1.40 Unedited Header

Touhoumon Another World v1.50 Unedited Header

If you want to open rom using Advance Map, use Advance Map 1.92. For unknown reason the newest Advance Map 1.95 won’t load those roms correctly.

Extra 2

For other emulator user, if roms in Extra 1 don’t work. Try download this tool:


open the tool, and load rom provided in Extra 1, then select SRAM Patch, and click Patch button.

That tool will create patched rom.

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