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Ahnenerbe (アーネンエルベ, “heritage” in German?) is a coffee shop used as a location for TYPE-MOON metafiction, such as Tsukihime PLUS-DISC and All-Around Type-Moon sound drama, involving theFateTsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukaiworlds. It is a shop with two entrances located besides a cinema, and it exists in multiple locations, often appearing and disappearing. It also appears as a regular shop within different series, such as in Fate, where it is located near the large bridge in Fuyuki City. There is a rumor that people who under normal circumstances cannot meet each other are able meet inside. It is the frontier where the worlds of Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai meet. Tohno Shiki andRyougi Shiki, and Arcueid Brunestud and Aozaki Tohko, are all related people that cannot be inserted together in a formal time axis without causing inconsistencies in the workings of either world. When characters from different works meet in this shop, any time discrepancies are eliminated so that they can appear at the age that they were introduced. It is convenient both as a place where parallel worlds meet and as a shop where a certain man with glasses can bring a girl.
When it opened, it gave the image of a hideout from the city, and it normally serves very few customers. It is run by George, a specialist in Italian cuisine, and has two part time clerks, Katsuragi Chikage and Hibino Hibiki. One of the regular customers comes to see Chikagi, and seems to be tsundere towards her. It is open seven days a week, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM during weekdays and 10:00AM to 6:00PM in weekends and holidays, and while it is possible to rent tables, the rental prices vary per half-days. Once entered, it is impossible to leave until the arrival of a new customer, and those left there are able to make use of the establishment in the meantime. This once caused Ciel to visit the shop to investigate the rumor. The inside of the shop is somber due to the limiting of electric light to a minimum. The atmosphere inside isn't bad, with floor and walls bringing a German style to mind and various antiques decorating it. The kitchen measures about three meters, and it has soundproof doors. The kitchen contained a black door that leads to the Great Cat’s Village of the NEKO Spirits, but it was blown off with only the doorknob remaining. The NEKO Spirits that lived there became more strongly bound to the shop when they were defeated, but when the next manager appeared and the closing time of the shop came, they were released. It is also forbidden to bring cats into the restaurant.
The usual menu consists of coffee, which is served hotter than normal, drinks such as black tea, and all kinds of deserts and snacks. There are various hand-made pies by George, which are popular among regular customers. Due to his frivolities as a chef, George's pastime can be said to be making burned pies. Their products of raspberry are said to be delicious, such as the raspberry pie the shop boasts about. The menu includes strawberry pie recommended to Seo Akira by Fake Shiki for its fine taste, raspberry torte, specially made cheese cake, meat pie, orange pie, mixed pie of orange and sunflowers, clubhouse sandwich, pork curry, salad of summer vegetables, pasta with mushrooms, fish and chips, grapefruit, Valencia oranges, lemon tea, cold chocolate milk, ice tea, eucalyptus tea, earl grey tea, green tea, and red wine. Curry is a very popular dish, to the point that George has to prepare a very large pan of it every evening, which becomes pretty much empty by the time that Hibiki and Chikagi leave work. Ciel praises it as a concealed village where lovers of curry meet in secret,Moonlight Splendor Village (月光華麗村, gekkou karei mura?). There are several different types of toppings to be served in the curry, such as squid rings, which comes with a salad as part of a set. Kotomine Kirei once commented about a Chinese set that comes with mapo tofu instead, but Chikagi has never heard of it. They accept credit card payments for the meals.[1]

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