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EXceed 2nd Vampire

eXceed 2nd- VAMPIRE
The second game of the eXceed series, made and released in 2006 by FLAT. After the war in the first game, vampires began to coexist with humans. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church was rumored to be suffering from internal power struggles. Eventually, a xenophobic faction opposed to the peaceful coexistence promoted by the Church seized power and ordered the Gun Bullet Children to initiate a worldwide extermination of vampires and their hybrid deviants. The game tells the story of Ria File, a half-vampire, half-human fighting on the side of the vampires as they struggles to survive the genocide. The gameplay includes the polarity mechanic, which was famously used in Treasure's Ikaruga. The player can change polarities, becoming immune to his/her own polarity while doing double the damage to enemies with the opposite polarity. An improved remake called eXceed 2nd- VAMPIRE REX was released in 2007 and its original sound track was released in 2008.


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