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Emilie the Adventurer

Bored at farmlife, Emelie decides to leave home in search for excitement and adventure!

Having lived a secluded life at her grandfathers farm, Emelie has grown bored of the everyday routines. She decides she wants to be an adventurer and explore the world, discover new places and meet new people. Her grandfather is not as fond of that idea however and tries his best to persuade her that the life of an adventurer is nothing but hardships. She is not easily satisfied though, and soon convinces her grandfather to train her and let her travel the world as Emelie the Adventurer!
  • Emelie the Adventurer
  • Original Name:  見習い冒険家エミリィ ~元気でエッチな冒険たまご~
  • Circle: CodeRed
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre : RPG
  • Erotic Content : CG
  • Size: 26MB

Emelie the Adventurer is a quest-driven RPG, meaning the only way to progress is to solve various quests given from NPCs. These are quite varied and involves everything from the classic “Kill X Monsters” to finding hidden objects. You don’t level up in this game, neither do you use any equipment, instead you are rewarded with HP and items through quests. There is a costume system which allows you to change into different outfits that you find throughout the game, there are 10 in total. These have mostly cosmetic functions, but some have certain bonus attributes. The game is very focused on using different items in battle since you do very little physical damage, around the second town your normal attacks is more or less useless.
H scenes are triggered after certain conditions (usually a specific quest) have been fulfilled. They are of good quality, but a bit short. There are 8 different events to find, as well as a remake of every event which can be purchased at an arena after completing the game. All unlocked scenes can be replayed from the item menu (second option).

I think this is an interesting game, the way it uses quests as a core mechanic is refreshing and the focus on item usage in battles is something i think works pretty well. It is a little bit grindy towards the end, and it’s pretty long between H Scenes, but all in all i enjoyed it. It should provide a good 4-5 hours worth of entertainment
  • Arrows Keys – Move
  • Z – Use/Confirm
  • X – Menu/Cancel
  • Hold Shift to run
The game is made with RPG Maker VX ACE which might require you to install the ACE RTP if you haven’t done so before (there’s a download link at the bottom). As usual with japanese games i recommend using ITH+Translation Aggregator to play the game with machine translated text. Read a guide on how to do this HERE.


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