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Plant Rape [With Alternate Endings]

Achei esse conto num fórum gringo por ai. Se não gosta de tentáculos, nem precisa entrar. Está em inglês. Tem dois/três finais, e é uma história sobre uma garota rica e uma planta curiosa.

The small potted plant sat on the table, a single small red flower protruded from the centre of a bundle of leaves. Robyn sat on the sofa opposite, staring at it. The pot itself was sat in a small shallow dish which caught the excess water, which in turn was placed on the glass coffee table in the middle of the living room. Robyn sighed and wandered up the stairs and into the bathroom, just three doors down from her bedroom. She eyed herself in the mirror, seeing her big brown eyes peeking out from behind a frizzy fringe, her slightly tanned skin shone as it reflected the setting sun's light. She let out a long breath of boredom as she once again contemplated her figure; Her breasts were a reasonable size at a C cup and she had what most guys referred to as nice hips, but in her opinion it was her long legs made up for what she lacked elsewhere.

She headed back into the sitting room and picked up the plant. With her index finger, she stroked one of the petals. it was soft, silky and pleasant to the touch, and the leaves seem to curl ever so subtly towards the point of contact. Robyn replaced the plant, switched on the TV in the adjacent dining room, and settled into one of the sofas for the rest of the evening. Since her parents were currently sunbathing somewhere in Miami, she was left home alone to look after the the mansion.

The film she was watching came to a close, with the two lead characters exchanging a passionate kiss, Robyn toyed with her phone, the nice guy from her college had texted her again and she was ignoring it. Why couldn't she get the jocks to notice her? She yawned and stood up, her red jogging shorts showing off a pair of beautiful long legs. She jogged up the stairs and down the corridor to her room, shutting the door behind her she took off her shirt and pants and slipped into a nightie- keeping her red lace panties and bra underneath. Despite her parents' distaste for sexy clothing, Robyn just couldn't resist how they complimented her body. She switched off the light before clambering into her king size bed, and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile in the living room, as night began to fall, the stem of the exotic plant began to twist and turn, stimulated by her gentle touch from earlier. Its roots swelled and spread out at a moderate speed in all directions, pressing tightly against the expensive ceramic. There was a quiet crack as the pot succumbed to the pressure, followed by an almighty smash.

Robyn woke up, unaware of the small commotion downstairs. Her throat dry, she groggily stumbled down the stairs, through the furnished hallway, and into the kitchen. She grabbed the only clean glass in the sink and poured herself some water. Robyn flicked the light back off in the kitchen and slouched back down the hall, until a series of flashing lights and muffled sounds caught her eye from under the dining room door.

"Damn" She muttered to herself. "Must've left the TV on."
She pushed the door open in still groggy from her sleep, and yawning, she passed the room of the plant, which had grown to the size of a large family car. the TV button had a single vine nestled on it. Curiously, Robyn picked up the end, and followed it as if it were a piece of string. Silently in the darkness of the other room, the plant became suddenly active; its leaves moving up and down like billows to pump oxygen into its body.

The vine Robyn was following had grown thicker and had wound through the swimming pool next door. The vine sank beneath the rippling surface for a moment, joining a few other vines, before rising back out of the pool and through the door to the living room. She stepped cautiously round the edge of the pool and swung the door open, suddenly becoming aware of the huge behemoth in the space where the coffee table used to be.

Robyn's eyes went wide, her jaw falling open. As fast as she could react, she turned on her heels and ran towards the hallway. Unfortunately the plant was quicker, sending a vine shooting right after her. It snapped around her ankle and calf, and yanked her back towards the monstrous plant.

"Shit! No, No, No!" Robyn panicked and attempted to grab onto the nearest object to her. In the darkness, her hands found a doorframe. She gripped it as tightly as she could, knowing that her life could well depend on it. After a few moments, the pulling stopped. Robyn let out a whimper as she felt the vine around her leg began slowly winding its way up her thigh. The tip of the vine straying dangerously close to her crotch, but then it began coiling itself around Robyn's thin waist under the nightie. The tip nestled near her navel and began gently stroking her stomach, whilst the main bulk of the tentacle began pulling, Robyn's whimpering increased, and while she was distracted by her now trembling stomach, the doorframe began to slide from her grip. The quiet whimpers turned to cries for help, when she was once again scrambling to break free from her captor.

As she was pulled closer, the plant silently released more vines. The vine around her leg and waist loosened and retreated, leaving her unbound for a second. Seizing the brief opportunity she braced her feet against the floor and pushed, driving herself away from the hulking creature. Before she was able to even land, a stronger tentacle coiled itself around the helpless teen's waist, quickly wrenching her into the air above a shifting mass of leaves and vines. Giant fronds still pumping like billows, the entire mass shifted, allowing for a bulbous tentacle to rise up out of the mass. It was quickly followed by several smaller tentacles, which each began looping themselves around Robyn's ankles and wrists as the larger tentacle nestled itself between her breasts, under her thin black nightie. Robyn felt the nightie grow tight on her back as the thick tentacle began pulling at it.

"No.. Please..." Robyn sobbed
Almost as if spurred by her quiet voice, the tentacle lurched, tearing the thin black cloth away from her body.

The large tentacle unsheathed a tough red appendage that resembled a giant human penis. It began pressing into Robyn's lower back, releasing a thick lubricant out of its tip. She arched her back as the cold liquid made contact with warm flesh, and the tentacle took the opportunity to worm its way under her panties, between her firm ass cheeks, working its way towards her pussy. In a sudden movement, the tentacle shot down towards her ankles, tearing her panties and pulling the remnants down her leg.

The red tipped penis returned, and positioned itself just outside Robyn's pussy, the tentacles holding Robyn tightened, forcing her to remain relatively still as the red tipped tentacle edged forward.

Robyn let out a shriek as the tentacle forced its way into her pussy. The tentacles holding her became less taut as it forced its way further inside her, when suddenly it stopped. Apparently deeming the depth satisfactory, it pulled almost the entire tentacle out again, leaving just the head nestled in the petite girl's treasure. Quickly the tentacle pushed itself back in, starting to ram into her, womb deep. Robyn's back arched more, and her whole body bucked as the huge appendage slammed against her womb repeatedly.

"Oh... Oh... Fuck!" Robyn moaned as the tentacle continued to ram her, slowly and deeply, her entire body rocking with each powerful thrust. A second tentacle Rose out of the mass and unsheathed revealing a glistening red penis, The tentacle began pressing itself against Robyn's tight anus and in a swift motion penetrated into her ass.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Robyn, as she felt the new thick and throbbing tentacle writhe inside her. In perfect sync, the two tentacles thrusted one after the other causing her entire body to buckle in pleasure, They continued to ram her small body, more red tipped vines swarmed her, each stroking various hotspots on her torso, neck and thighs. Some wriggling in between her breasts, and others methodically toying with her now hard nipples.

Robyn's moans grew louder and more frequent as her holes got used to the tentacles plunging deeper and deeper her, Suddenly Robyn's eyes rolled back in her head, and she began to let her mouth fall open in a smile of ecstasy. No longer was she trying to fight hoards of vines, but her physical lust kept her begging for more.

It was dawn when they finally began to retreat. Several large, tipped tentacles hovered around her body, One quickly shot deep down her throat as each one released a stream of thick ejaculate, Robyn could feel the hot liquid pouring down her throat and onto her skin. it began to leak out of her anus as she was finally released, causing her exhausted body to fall onto the thick carpet of vines below.

Oviposition begins here

She lay cum soaked and quivering as a huge seed pod shook itself free of the tentacles, it edged towards her slowly as small tentacles returned to hold her still. They clasped onto her thighs, waist and ass ensuring her pussy hugged the seed pod. A seed the size of a fist began protruding out of the massive pod, and was gently pushed into Robyn's lubricated vagina. She moaned as her pussy was stretched wide, and the eggs were inserted into her womb. approximately 7 more were stuffed in, until Robyn let out an earsplitting scream of pain. The plant reacted by pulling back out again. Her stomach bulging from the huge seeds, Robyn was repositioned, before one of the penises sealed her pussy with a shot of thick, sticky cum. Vines pulled her shoulders down, and pulled her legs up and apart, causing her hips to be lifted into the air. Robyn's anus was pressed against the seed pod, and more, smaller seeds were forced into the girls quivering body, she let out a long whimper of displeasure as each seed pushed itself deeper.

Robyn began to squirm as gradually her intestines were filled with seeds, The tentacles repositioned her again, Wrapping her crotch and ass in a strong web-like cum. She wanted to be sick. She briefly panicked about having to live with these things inside her forever, when her train of thought was interrupted. Her eyes widened as she was slowly turned to face the opening, the tentacles that held her ass now cradled her head and forced her mouth to stay open, Robyn began to scream as a large seed was pushed into her mouth. It scraped past her teeth and stopped on her tongue, resting in the centre of her mouth,
"Mmmmhm" Robyn tried to scream again, but found her tongue unable to move. As the smaller tentacles began gently caressing her hair. A thick phallus like object unsheathed from the seed pod. It aimed itself at Robyn's mouth and with a rather large squelch, fired a massive load of cum onto her pretty face, sealing the seed inside her mouth.

Robyn lay shivering on the mat of leaves, her entire torso bulged as the seeds jostled for position, Every movement she made caused the seeds to clack against each other.
Tears began to roll down her face, mingling with the plant's semen. She began to sob as the gravity of what just happened sank in.

Vore begins here

She lay cum soaked and quivering as a huge flower unfurled itself from the mass of tentacles. The bud snaked towards Robyn, its petals already unfolding as it loomed over her. It's anthers wrapped themselves around her ankles, and she forced herself to look up at the new threat. A deep, dark throat was staring back down at her. Slowly, her feet were pulled into the gaping maw.

"No..." She thought. Robyn tried to move, but her muscles were too tired from the all night fucking. Her calves were pulled into the throat, followed by her thighs and hips in quick succession, the Anthers gripped her waist and pulled further, and the petals folded around her until the only thing left showing was her head. Tired and defeated, Robyn made no effort to fight the weight of her eyelids as a faint aroma caused her to drift to sleep.

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