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An Honourable Sacrifice

Sim, SIM! Mais um conto gringo para vocês, e esse é bem interessante! Mais uma vez, em inglês.

I lived in a rather peaceful village, but six years ago every few months a giant monster attacked our village eating people. Every time it would only eat from one to a few persons… It also has a strong taste for women. Many villagers tried to fight the beast in vain, so the village Elder decided to have a sacrifice ready for each time the village would be attacked to lower the number of casualties. After a few times it became a form of entertainment: through their windows, some villagers would watch the monster takes its prey and devour it. For others it became something normal that we had to deal with in life. Villagers were forbidden to attack the impenetrable monster to avoid manifestation of its anger. And so, we lived casually until the next attack.

On a cloudy day, the ground started to shake… A few villagers headed toward the source of this tremor to confirm the worst. After they came back in a hurry, because of the tremendous speed of the monster, the Elder was informed and he whispered something to his guards… Quickly enough I was surrounded by those said men! They told me to come with them, but I had no clue I was supposed to be the next sacrifice! I tried to explain them it must have been a mistake, but they stood deaf to my words and grabbed my arms firmly. I yelled, begging to be spared, but they would not let go of me. They were holding me so tightly; I was in such pain and could not resist any more. Even though I gave up, they kept crushing my limbs and tears flowed out from the fear and agony. I looked at this dirty ground for a last time as they dragged me to the pedestal. My husband tried to push his way through, but they were so many, and I had already waved my white flag. I snapped. I was no different than livestock. My entire existence was reduced to a creature’s snack. My body was going numb, from my head to the tip of my toes, ready to face my new destiny. As the ground was trembling, its every vibration ran through me as a gentle caress. I should have been scared, but I wanted to appreciate what this world still had left to offer me. I had never focused on these sensations before, most which we are used to feel so much that we forget they even exist, and yet I could feel them with my very soul. They made me stand on the pedestal, which was surrounded by large wooden walls and locked me inside. Before I realized it, the creature was standing there, close to me, a little bird in her cage. I closed my eyes hoping to simply pass out, and let what had to happen, happen. I could hear a strong, heavy breathing and screams from the other villagers, but they faded away as something slid up my legs, onto my chest and tightened my arms to my body, making me physically unable to move. Seeing that I was not opposing, the fiend held me firmly, but with reasonable force, as if it hugged me with no wish to harm. The pressure on my limbs was so intense, yet I just loosened all my muscles to a deep relaxation state. I heard a faint word… was it my name? As I came back to reality I saw my husband calling out for me while challenging the creature. He threw a javelin, but the monster quickly countered it. I saw a tentacle slap across his face, making him crash unto the ground seemingly unable to recover easily from the blow. With all my strength, I freed my arm and it stretched out toward him as I screamed his name. But, suddenly the tentacles around my body tightened me painfully. I was left unable to breathe until I felt a wild, stinging sensation near my waist. I tried to see what the creature had done to me, but my muscles relaxed themselves against my will and everything was going black… Unable to move or to feel anything, I just observed the monster throwing me into its mouth, after which I lost consciousness.

I came back to my senses on a cold, wet and sticky ground. I stood up, but this alone made enough noise to be heard from afar. The monster was making its way to my location... I panicked and hid myself in a corner before this monster could catch sight of me. There the ground wasn’t sticky, and I felt safe from the creature, yet scared in this dark hole with only cold rocks surrounding me. Staying up trying to keep my warmth was tough, but eventually my lack of energy made me fall from a loss of balance, nearly hitting my head on a rock. I couldn’t survive like this for much longer… I needed warmth, so I aimed for the nearest and only source of heat in sight. The creature let me walk toward it without hesitation or fear and stayed perfectly calm. I sat where I hoped to have the most direct skin contact, holding the creature in my arms, begging for its warmth for my survival. The monster gently wrapped its tentacles around me, as if it knew I needed the warmth. I passed out in its soft, comforting arms.

The monster seemed uninterested in me at best… I didn’t understand why it let me live or what was going on… but I had not eaten in days. I desperately needed food yet the monster would not let me out to fetch for fruits in the forest. I was trapped inside with nothing to eat. Using my great intellect, I tried to make the monster understand my need for food by sitting in front of it like a baby needing to be fed, my mouth open with my tongue hanging. The creature reacted and I waited in anticipation for a result, but it wasn’t the one I had expected. The monster opened its mouth at which point I thought the beast understood I wanted it to eat me! Its tongue became very long and quickly flew in my direction where I closed my mouth and fell on my ass trying to dodge. The tongue was just standing there and I didn’t know what to expect next. I stared at it in disdain and failed to notice the two tentacles which tightly grabbed my arms. I screamed from the sharp and intense pain, but only until the monster’s tongue made its way into my mouth! The big disgusting tongue was harshly rubbing the back of my throat. There was something weird going on with me… the tongue was poisonous! I felt my heart racing, my eyesight going a bit blurry, and my pussy getting wet… Over time my body took control… My instincts were forcing their will on me… It felt so wonderful, so natural, so desirable that I wished I could simply let go and have this beast take everything over. But I was scared something wrong would happen, making me regret this wish. I fought with my inner thoughts for a brief period, only to realize that it was all over to begin with, and the harder I fought against the creature, against myself, all it would bring me would be more harm. The poison was making me insane and I could tell, but I didn’t care anymore. My thoughts wouldn’t make a difference, so I accepted them and craved to be used… in any way. Seeing that I became a good obedient little slave, the monster raised my chin with one of its tentacles and moved another bigger, differently shaped one above me. I couldn’t help but open my mouth and drip a torrent of saliva at its sight. I knew where it was going, I knew it was going to hurt, but I couldn’t wait anymore, I needed to feel it inside me, this would be my meal and I begged for it. The monster wrapped its tentacles around me while I was too busy staring at my upcoming relief. The pressure made me hornier; I had never been so wet! Finally the tentacle was coming down, so I closed my eyes with even more intense anticipation. I couldn’t gag, but the tentacle was so strong and wide that my throat was painfully stretched and I could barely breathe. The feeling was amazing even though I was fighting for my life to just let air flow as it moved up and down without giving me a rest. I was about to lose consciousness from the lack of oxygen when finally it burst a huge load of cum into my belly… so much that I couldn’t keep it all in and puked some of it. I tried my best to keep most of it inside me because even though its taste wasn’t that great, it felt heavily addictive in my condition. I wanted more. I NEEDED more. My pussy was aching but the monster ignored me. It unwrapped its tentacles and started walking away! I ran after the creature which slapped me in the face with one of its tentacles making sure I would not follow. But I was so horny, so I waited… and waited. Every second was unbearable.

After a few minutes two monsters of the same race arrived with one that seemed anatomically a bit different. I quickly ran into the arms of my favourite one but the other grabbed my right leg with its tentacles and dragged me on the sticky ground all the way to its feet. I knew what I needed to do and offered no resistance; I spread my legs wide open, with my wet pussy engorged with blood only asking for one thing. Finally one of its tentacles reached for my pussy and started rubbing against my clit… but that wasn’t enough. I waited patiently but my body started moving by itself trying to get the tentacle inside. The tentacle was much larger than a male human’s genitalia yet so small at the tip. It pushed its way slowly inside me. Everything about it was so orgasmic, as my entire vagina wall was heavily stimulated at the same time… While it was pushing further and further, other tentacles grabbed and pinched my nipples, and another rubbing my clit, making me open myself even wider to allow the tentacle penetrating me deeper than I thought possible. I still wanted more but the tentacle wasn’t thrusting back and forth as I anticipated… instead there was this huge bulge making its way to the tip of the tentacle. I thought it was too big, but the tentacles firmly pinched my nipples while the other slapped my clit as it entered my pussy! It hurt a lot… it was still bearable, but it had barely made its way into me yet… I knew it had to go farther, so I relaxed myself the best I could and let the egg slide into me being more pleasurable with every inch. When the egg reached my womb, it just slid inside as if it belonged there, making me experience the most amazing orgasm I ever had. The egg would definitely not go out, but neither did the tentacle. I tried catching my breath as I saw another bulge coming down from the tentacle! Two other tentacles spread my legs even further to ease the entry while others were still stimulating me to death. I was about to cum again but the monster stopped playing with my clit. Soon enough, the second egg spread my vagina wide open again and pushed its way slowly inside me where its sibling resided. A few moments before it made it into my womb, the monster started to lick my clit intensively: making me reach a mind-blowing orgasm — much stronger than the previous one!

I was so exhausted, simply staring at nothing, breathing heavily, overwhelmed by the sensations. My body felt so warm, cold, sore, tingling, in pain and horny yet it all contributed to this incredible pleasure. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t satisfied with this. With the monster licking my pussy I wished to be filled with everything they could possibly fit in there. I was ready to receive more, and awaited my other babies. The eggs filled my womb one by one, stretching it to ridiculous proportions. I was in ecstasy seeing my belly become so big, but it saddened me to realize a 6th one would not fit in there. The creature pulled her tentacle out aware of my incapacity to bear any more of her children… for now.

She gently put me down and walked away, while the male monster approached me again. I couldn’t move anymore: my belly was far too heavy and I didn’t want to harm the children. I was still crazy horny and waited impatiently. The creature grabbed each of my wrists and ankles with its tentacles… he spread me wide open and took its reproductive tentacle out… But this time he was really excited… the tentacle became grew huge. In fact it was almost as big as the eggs themselves. He was to cum into me, make me pregnant. I then longed to become their reproductive slut, which they could use any way they wanted. He stood there, having his tentacles do the job of pushing me up and down on his gargantuan dick. It was painful but the rubbing against my insides felt incredibly wonderful. I was so wet that I dripped everywhere and only aimed to cum at the same time as him. He began pounding heavier, still making sure to not break the eggs, as my pussy became used to the size of his dick. The tentacles pushed my arms behind my back, while more tentacles started to slap my breasts one after the other! Not only that but he licked my clit then sucked it inside his mouth and played harshly with it… I came so hard right as he flooded my womb with cum! I couldn’t hold it all inside me but I knew it was enough to fertilize the eggs. I lay there, on my back on a sticky ground, in a pool of cum. This is where I wish to stay, forever. I wish to give birth to many healthy babies who, in their turn will grant happiness to other women like me… My village abandoned me, yet these creatures took me gladly in their home and I know they truly appreciate my “sacrifice”.

By Xif

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