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Estudantes de magia são fogo mesmo, roubando Grimórios e fazendo macaquices a torto e a direito! Em inglês.

Hi! This is Karyu Miho. I’m a 11th grade student from the academy of magic at Osaka. I’m a great friend with my sempai Ako, which will finish school in a few months. She’s an amazing mage that easily outclasses over half the mage teachers! In fact, she should be the one teaching us… But no matter, I’m always with her anyway, well except in class. Ako had an odd behavior lately though. She always wants to check inside every teacher’s desk when she has the opportunity, as she was searching for something. I asked her about it, but she ignored me.
However, tonight she asked me weird questions:

Ako: Miho, who is teaching black magic this year?
Miho: Um, my teacher is Kaito-sensei, why?
Ako: Get up Miho, I’ll give you a tour.
Miho: Huh?
Ako: Just do what I say! Believe in me, everything will be fine.

It was 11PM as we left the dorm. Ako took me to Fumiko-sensei’s office. I had no idea what was going on but she asked to stand guard and tell if anyone was coming our way. She started lockpicking Fumiko-sensei’s office lock! I was outraged!

Miho: Stop it Ako, we’ll be in serious trouble!
Ako: Not if you guard properly, please do it Miho, I’m doing it for your sake! Don’t worry I’ll explain to you later. For now just make sure we don’t get caught.

After a few minutes, she finally manages to unlock the door. She goes inside telling me to stay on my guard, and comes back with a book in hand. She told me to hold it, which I did but I could not read the title because it was too dark.

Miho: Let’s go back to the dorm now.
Ako: No, we have to pay visit to another office.
Miho: But-
Ako: Keep your mouth shut!

I was very nervous by this situation, but I followed Ako… I would follow her to the ends of the Earth in fact. I showed her the way to Kaito-sensei’s office and we proceeded with the same strategy. She came out of there with a second book. I handed her the first book like she asked and we went back to our room, as if nothing happened. It took me hours to manage sleeping that night. I was totally freaking out. Ako wasn’t the kind of girl that steals either; I can tell!

The next day I waited for her after her classes, but she never came out. Later I learned that she didn’t attend any of her classes that day. I was very worried.
When I came back to our room, I found a box with a card on it. I, of course, proceeded to read the card:

Birthday card
Happy Birthday Miho!

I hope you’ll enjoy your present, I’m sorry I can’t be here to see you unwrap your gift. It is magically sealed, so to unlock it, simply chant:

Veneficus Signum Solvo (magic seal release)

♥ Ako
I simply couldn’t wait, and I hope the contents of the box weren’t those two books we stole together. I grabbed my magic wand, pointed the sealed magic box and chanted:

Miho: Venefic Signum Solvo!

Nothing seemed to have happened so I came closer to the box, and opened it. Immediately, something grabbed my arm. I resisted out of instinct, and pulled my arm back. Thanks to that, the creature was out of the box. It was a very strange looking creature, but it didn’t seem particularly dangerous… if fact, I thought it looked cute.
The creature itself was quite large, but somehow it didn’t seem more menacing because of it. It had about 12 tentacles. And… oh it’s a male. It had two cute blue eyes, the kind of watery eyes kids or animals have when they’re so lonely and just want a bit of attention. I simply couldn’t resist its charm, nor did I want to. I let him grab me toward him, caressed his skin, and hugged him. His skin was so soft, yet wet. But then, the unexpected happened. When my mouth had a tiny opening, he rushed a tentacle inside my mouth and stung me with some kind of needle on my throat! It hurt terribly, but within seconds, it became completely numb, and I was unable to open or close my mouth anymore either! He took one of his tentacles, and pushed it in my mouth, down my throat. My gag reflex was gone and I hadn’t much problem breathing either. I couldn’t resist. I was all his.

It was far from feeling bad. The tentacle became quickly harder and thicker over time, but this throat massage was so relaxing, that I just let him do whatever he wanted with it. It seems the creature understood could read my thoughts, and started massaging my breasts while caressing my whole body. I felt at heaven.
My body became wet, and I shivered. The monster took me closer to his warm body and I felt such comfort… it was love. Two tiny tentacles grabbed my nipples and started sucking them. My nipples erected, but I felt sad for the creature as my breasts couldn’t produce milk yet. I quickly forgot about it though, being drowned in ecstasy.

I enveloped my arms and legs around his body, leaving myself completely open. He knew my wishes, and granted them. I was still a virgin, but only wished for my pet to have this honor. A tentacle went inside my pussy, broke through my cherry, but I was so relaxed that I didn’t feel any pain. Once inside, it expanded, grew like a dog’s knot. There was no way it could get out so easily. I knew something was coming, so I relaxed my belly. But I never expected so much. My pet started pouring hundreds of eggs in my tight belly, but I wasn’t panicking. I knew he could feel what I feel. But, after a while, my belly grew big and it started hurting. I wished for it to stop, but the creature held my tighter, like to tell me everything would be fine. So I relaxed more, and eventually the pain subsided, with my belly growing a whole 2 more inches larger, for a total of 6 inches! It felt very heavy, and I certainly couldn’t hold more, even if I wished to. Gently, the tentacle came out, and a few eggs dropped. I tried to hold them, but quickly another tentacle rushed into my pussy, and grew very large and very hard, going back and forth for at least 10 minutes. I had an exploding orgasm, and my little monster did at the same time. My belly full of unfertilized eggs was filled with warm sperm, and I officially became a mother. After the creature went back inside its box, I read the back of the birthday card.
Back of the birthday card
The two books we stole were the “Creature Summoning” and “Black Magic” spellbooks. I fused two spells to summon a friend for you which I sealed in the box. I’m sure you appreciated your experience with him! I saw all your erotic books in your drawer; you couldn’t hide it from me. Hehehe.
As for me, I simply wanted to let you two have your intimate moment together, so I went out for the evening. See you tomorrow morning!

Again, happy birthday!

I was shocked. Shocked how wonderful of a friend she is. I wished to return the favor, so I prepared her a little surprise. I sealed my friend back into the box, placed it under her bed, and set up a trap which would automatically unlock the box when someone would lay on her bed.

Ako, I love you. I could never ask for a better friend. ♥

I think I won’t go back to class for a while… This sudden pregnancy is a little suspicious.

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