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Misty's capture

Um fanfic em inglês de uma treinadora de monstros de bolso se ferrando na mão de outro treinador inescrupuloso, que usa seus monstros para aprisionar treinadoras incautas e roubar suas coisas.

The sun was dipping ever further out of sight now, light fading rapidly as the man made his last preparations for his journey with his new prize. The girl in question was still held immobile in Tangrowth's vines, her body writhing in its bonds as Hypno toyed with her mind and desires inside her own head.

The man himself collected up the remains of Misty's clothing and placed them inside her own bag on top of her pokeballs before drawing the bag shut and swinging it around onto his own back. He beckoned for Victreebell to descend from its position in the trees above, the giant pitcher plant lowering itself gently using its vines.

"Ok that's enough now Hypno, you can come back now" The psychic pokemon nodded and disappeared in a flash of light which was sucked up by one of the balls at the mans waist. "Victreebell, open up" The grass pokemon silently lifted the giant leaf covering its "mouth", revealing its hollow insides. It gave off a sweet scent, making the mans head feel fuzzy as he inhaled it and clouding his mind. Shaking his head to clear it he commanded Tangrowth to lift the now still form of Misty and place her gently inside of Victreebell, the massive plant easily swallowing her body whole, the leaf coming down to cover the girls head. "Tangrowth, return" called the man as Tangrowth's vines retracted from Misty's body, disappearing in another flash as it too was recalled to its pokeball. "Victreebell, stay with me we've got quite a journey ahead of us, you can have a play if you want to occupy yourself though." He could of sworn he saw a flash of pleasure flash across its eyes as he turned away, smiling at the thought of what Victreebell might do to her as they traveled. Smirking he strode off into the ever darkening trees.

Once again Misty found herself waking in darkness, her mind foggy and disoriented. She felt hot and sweaty, something warm and wet was pressing against her on all sides like a net and a sweet, heavy scent filled her nostrils as she lay in this dark, warm cocoon.

Slowly she tried to move, first of all her legs which she discovered were folded underneath her with her entire weight on top of them and then her arms, which were held tight to her sides by the substance pressing in from around her. Images started to trickle slowly in through the fog of her mind as she lay there, that sunset, the dust, that dream, cocks, fucking, pleasure, bondage, costumes… She started to struggle more violently as it came flooding back to her, panic breaking through her fuzzy mind.

As if in response to this she felt whatever it was surrounding her move. With a jolt of shock she felt something wet and slimy slowly coil its way around one of her legs, another one reaching out to wind itself around the other one and pull them apart. She struggled furiously to try and escape from these tentacles, trapped by the walls pressing in on her and blinded by the darkness. She felt the scent around her grow heavier still and felt her mind clouding, some of the energy fading from her struggles. "What is this?" She thought to herself as another pair of tentacles snaked their way around her arms, pulling them together behind her back and binding them together. Her mind was torn her rational mind subdued by the cloying scent coming from all around her while her instincts told her to struggle, to get away from this thing. "Theres no point." Her cloudy mind told her "Its not so bad… it feels kinda good, why would I struggle?"

By now tentacles were sliding all around her naked body, looping around her boobs, around her legs and yet more wrapped her arms tightly. She felt one slide slowly up her body, passing between her tits as a pair of tentacles positioned themselves over her nipples, tiny holes opening and sucking the hardening buds inside, sucking gently as the tentacles worked themselves over her body. The single tentacle slid around her neck once, rising up in front of her face like a viper coiled to strike and then pressing gently against her lips, trying to force its way past them.

"No, no don't let that thing into you mouth!" shouted part of Misty's brain. "Its wrong, this shouldn't be happening, you don't want this, it shouldn't turn you on!" But she knew that it did. Deep in her belly she could feel the sparks of arousal bursting into fires which were rapidly gaining strength, her pussy getting wetter as the tentacles bound her body tightly. As if in answer to this a pair of new tentacles came from beneath her and worked and gently teased her pussy and arsehole respectively, gently prodding and rubbing against them.

Their unexpected touch caused Misty to gasp involuntarily, allowing the tentacle at her mouth to slide inside easily and begin to pump in and out slowly, filling her mouth completely. At the same time the two tentacles below her worked their way inside of her, filling her every hole at once and causing her to scream into her tentacle gag as her mouth, pussy and ass were fucked together, their slime more than enough lube for her ass as it pumped in and out, all three gaining speed.

"You don't want this!" screamed her mind "But it feels so good… why don't I want it, its pleasure, it feels good to be fucked like this…. Fucking is good." Her mind became cloudier and cloudier as her own arousal increased and she inhaled more of the sweet scent still drifting around her. As the tentacles picked up speed, fucking her holes even faster she found herself trying to move her own body in rhythm with them, fucking herself on the tentacles as they pumped in and out of her, her nipples being sucked relentlessly and her entire body being squeezed by the mass of tentacles coiled around her.

Her pleasure rose higher and higher and the tentacles fucked her, the desire overcoming all reservations she had as she screamed around the tentacle fucking her mouth, thrusting her hips to meet every thrust coming from below her. The feeling inside of her welled up higher and higher until it crashed down, energy spreading through her entire body as she came, moaning into her gag. The tentacles however did not stop and she felt her desire immediately rising up again into a second orgasm which shook her completely.

The tentacles continued their work, never tiring, bringing Misty to orgasm again and again as she screamed and fucked them like a wanton slut, humping herself on the tentacles. Her mind had long since ceased to function properly, caring only for the incredible pleasure she was receiving from these invaders as they brought her to yet another orgasm.

The man walked swiftly with a smile, listening to the muffled screams coming from within Victreebell, imagining the fucking that Misty must be receiving inside of his pokemon. He wondered how long until she passed out from the sheer pleasure of it all and reflected that they still had a long ways to go. Misty was in for one hell of a journey.

Fonte: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5125233/3/Misty-s-capture

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