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Shadow of Golden Eyes

Shadow Marisa: "Such a saaaad story, isn't it? Don't you just want to give me a hug? "
Marisa: "?!"
Shadow Marisa: "To tell the truth... I hate humans with all of my might. "
Marisa: "W-What are you... "
Shadow Marisa: "What? The people at the Human Village are nothing but a bunch of petty bottom-feeders. Even now I can still hear their sniveling voices in my head... 'Studying witchcraft? Are you insane?!'. 'Oh god, Marisa, what did you bring in?'. 'Why can't you be a little more normal?'... Oh, but I got them all to shut up, yes I did... My own mother's death was the perfect excuse! "
Marisa: "N-No... "
Shadow Marisa: "Oh, yes! After that, everything changed. Everyone holding me in regard, wanting to soothe my pain, indulging my every whim. 'Poor girl, she's just trying to cope with her loss'... Ahh, it was the best feeling ever! "
Marisa: "NO!... "
Shadow Marisa: "Even when I finally left that stinking house, no one bothered to question me! I was finally free to spread my wings, to pursue my dreams!... And I'm going to pursue them to my heart's content. It doesn't matter how many people I'll crush under my foot, how many things I'll steal, I'm free to do whatever I want! And I have the power to destroy everyone that disagrees! If that makes me insane, then call me STARK RAVING MAD! "
Marisa: "J-Just shut your mouth!"
Shadow Marisa: "What's wrong? I always... WE always speak our mind. You should know. I'm you... and you. Are. ME!"

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