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Wayfarer - Nova Classe: Slave

Mais uma classe nova para Wayfarer. Quem tem Conhecimento: Inglês na sua ficha vai entender com mais facilidade!

Slaves are everywhere, whether is be the tyrannical ogre or a religion with good intentions. They are usually bought by nobles, in which case theyre sometimes dressed in fine robes, for appearances, but slave traders often have slaves with them. Slaves of low level tend to be either young, or they're cooks and laborers. Slaves of higher level tend to be either experienced sex slaves or gladiators.
• Can use of simple weapons, and light shields and armor. They have a +3 bonus to Physical.
• Once a day, they may go from exhausted to fatigued or from fatigued to normal without resting. They only require half the rest to go recover from exhaustion or fatigue.
• A slave may choose one narrow subskill (pottery craft might be a subskill of physical) in which they excel. They may add half their class level to any checks made for that skill.

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