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Ability Score pt-br

Jogo escrito por Brent P. Newhall, inspirado nas regras de Brian Takle.

Os que estão acostumados com o sistema podem acabar reconhecendo de algum lugar, mas a forma como ficou explicada funciona muito bem para jogos curtos ou one-shot. O esquema é meio d20 com os valores de sempre e modificadores (12 é +1, 20 é +5, e por aí vai).

Chaos Dragon terá anime


Chaos Dragon is based on a RPF (role playing fiction) Red Dragon, created through TRPG (table-talk role-playing game) sessions by five character creators: Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay night), Izuki Kougyoku (Garden Lost), Doriru Shima, and Ryogo Narita (Durarara!!).

Airing : Summer 2015 
Director : Matsune Masato 
Series Composition : Kodachi Ukyou 
Screenplay : Aikawa Shou 
Music : Hitoshi Sakimoto

PV: [YouTube] 『ケイオスドラゴン』 AJ2015PV

Translation: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3472-Red-Dragon

SIM! Anime daquela aventura de RPG que vários escritores famosos de Light Novels e Visual Novels participaram! VAI SER UMA PORRADARIA LOUCA!!!

>Ibuki (Player: Shimadoriru) is a kind-hearted boy who takes care of other children in an orphanage in the island nation of Nill Kamui. Ibuki was born with a twin sister as the descendants of the imperial line, which once ruled the island as "Chigiriko" (Child of Oath) in contract with the Red Dragon. Hated by society thanks to the prophecies of an oracle, Ibuki would have been destined for execution but for the intervention of his mother Hana Guya, who arranged for her child to go into hiding with his grandparents.One day, he was awakened to the tragedies of the world when he met the Red Dragon. Ibuki despaired, but knowing his true heritage, he joined the Revolutionary Army in hopes of changing the world for the better.

 >Eiha (Player: Izuki Kougyoku) is a girl who belongs to the Revolutionary Army who seeks Nill Kamui's independence. Has been entrusted with Ibuki's safety, so she acts as his bodyguard. Eiha is a "Bounded One", a race native to the island who are bonded from birth to ferocious monsters by vine-like chains. Her life is bound to Val, a huge canine creature with batlike wings but no eyes. Living like an animal in the wild, she was abducted by humans and made to serve nobles, until one day she met another Bound One named Juna, and joined the Revolutionary Army.

 >Swallow Cratsvalley (Player: Kinoko Nasu) is a young member of the Black Dragon Knights of the D'natian Empire and scion to a declining aristocratic family. From birth, Swallow has borne a "curse of pulverization" that destroys any tool in a single use, so he spent his childhood in captivity. A natural airhead, he needs the assistance of his maid Meryll to lead a normal life due to his curse. After forming a True Pact with his order's patron deity, the Black Dragon, Swallow gains the power to oppose the Seven Dragons themselves, in order to subjugate the rampaging Red Dragon. Together with his servant Meryll, he joins the international Joint Investigation Task Force and sets off for the island of Nill Kamui.

 >Meryll Sherbette (NPC) is a maid who shares her life with Swallow. She makes life easier for her master, who has a curse that prevents him from using any tool without breaking it, but she also gives him harsh words all the time due to his natural idiocy. Head of the Sherbette Company, she manages the bankrupt Cratsvalley house properly due to Swallow uselessness. She had once harbored a girlish crush on Swallow, but completely grew out of any girlishness following a certain incident. Even if she is occasionally annoyed, flabbergasted, or disappointed by him, her deep affection for Swallow will never change. It merely cracks a bit sometimes.

 >Lou Zhenhua, previously Lou Zhenjie (Player: Gen Urobuchi) is a warrior monk that comes from the Eight Claw Clan, a religious sect in Huanglan, one of the world's two great powers opposite to D'natia. She is mesmerized by her soul eating demonic sword, Qisha Tianling, who she refers to as "your Highness" (man Lou called the sword "Princess" so maybe the sword got genderbent too). Her well-known reputation for killing any and all targets has earned Lou an ominious reputation in the underworld. She only measures a persons worth by whether they "can be killed or not," and uses her unique ability to keenly observe subjects even in her peripheral vision to calculate the perfect time to strike.

 >Kaguraba Raihou Gramstahl (Player: Ryogo Narita) is extremely wealthy man known as the "Immortal Merchant" who has businesses through the three major countries. A self-styled Nill Kamuian, D’natian, and Huanglanese Bearer of All Names, rumors say that this Immortal Merchant has already lived for over a century because he replaces his body parts using a secret art and ritual ceremony called the Five Elements Body. From the merchant city of Haiga, which he has claimed, he acts as a neutral power and it even seems that he is friends with Nill Kamui's guardian deity, the Red Dragon.

[Ficha] Shimakaze

Com o popular anime de Kantai Collection chegando ao fim, resolvi fazer uma única e solitária ficha de uma das personagens. Por um tempo ela foi a mais famosa e "player bait" no submundo da Internet, mas agora vários jovens e empinadores de pipa sabem quem ela é. Ou não, já que o screentime da infeliz é limitadíssimo.